Towing Safety Guide

Trailer towing has the dubious distinction of being the number one loss-liability incident in the equipment rental industry. It has occupied that position practically since the first equipment rental dealers rented the first trailer. Although some equipment rental...

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Trailer Hitch Ball

WARNING! Towing equipment may cause damage to the customer vehicle. The rental center is not held responsible for any damages caused by towing. WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED the manufacturer's rated capacity of the hitch, ball, vehicle or trailer. WARNING! Failure to follow...

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Stump Grinder Towing & Safety Guide

DO NOT exceed 45 mph.   PREPARATION Thoroughly inspect and clear the work area of objects that might be picked up and thrown. Remove all stones, sticks, wires, and other foreign objects. Beware of the location of pipes above or below ground (electrical, gas,...

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Stump Grinder Operation

SETTING UP AND STARTING GRINDER: Adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height and pin. Lock the brake, push down on the handlebar so that the cutter wheel is off the ground. Put on the choke, be sure the ON-OFF (push-pull) switch is in the "ON" position and the fuel...

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Scaffold & Ladder Safety

For Frame Scaffolds, System Scaffolds, Tube and Clamp Scaffolds and Rolling Scaffolds   DEVELOPED FOR THE INDUSTRY BY SCAFFOLD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, INC. (SIA) and THE SCAFFOLD, SHORING & FORMING INSTITUTE (SSFI) It shall be the responsibility of all users to...

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Propane Safety

Never use or store cylinders indoors. Keep main cylinder valve securely closed when not in use. WARNING: Propane tank valves are designed to work completely open and/or completely closed. Never just crack the valve. Always position the LP cylinder so that the...

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Log Splitter Operation Guide

LOG SPLITTERS INHERENTLY LEAK HYDRAULIC OIL. PLACE THE SPLITTER AWAY FROM CONCRETE OR SITES WHERE SPILLS WILL DO DAMAGE.   Preparing the Work Site NEVER operate your lag splitter on slippery, wet, muddy or icy surfaces. The location you choose should be flat, dry...

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Lighting Terms & Definitions

TERMS & DEFINITIONS Fixture – A device or enclosure hold a bulb or lamp. Throw – The distance a fixture is designed to concentrate light. Beam – The size of the throw of the light. Spot – A fixture and/or bulb designed to give a concentrated light beam sometimes...

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Nine Easy Steps to a Better Lawn

For a healthy, trouble-free lawn this year, give your grass a good strong start right now. As spring blooms into summer and summer fades into fall, your lawn will repay your efforts with lush, long-lasting turf. Timing is the key. Fertilize too early or too late, and...

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Selecting a Safe Forklift

If You Work in an Area Where These Are Present: Then Use This Type of Forklift. Hazard Classification Acceptable Forklift Designations Class I Flammable gases or vapors are or may be present in quantities sufficient for explosion or ignition Division I Condition...

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Electrical Terms & Definitions

TERMS & DEFINITIONS   Electricity - The movement of electrons from a location of a greater number (positive) of electrons to a location of lesser number (negative) of electrons.   Positive - A location of the greater number of electrons.   Negative - A location of...

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Electrical for Events

TERMS Volts - The common name for measuring the energy level in a circuit or conductor or the rating of the energy required by a device.   Amps - The common name for the measurement of the current in a conductor, the amount or current a device requires or the maximum...

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Cut-Off Saw Starting Tips

Cold Engine Starting Procedure Toggle the ignition switch to the "ON" position and pull the choke lever out. Lock the throttle in the start position by depressing the trigger (A) and trigger interlock (B) at the same time. Depress and hold throttle lock button (C)...

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Cut-Off Saw Cutting Tips

ICS Blount Making your first cut Outline the cut with a permanent marker. Start the saw and after a brief warm-up period, rev and hold the trigger on full throttle. Always use full throttle when cutting. Carefully align the nose of the bar with the cut line, slowly...

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Construction Heater Safety (150,000 BTU/HR)

FOR USE WITH PROPANE GAS ONLY Max. gas supply pressure: Bottle pressure Min. gas supply pressure: 5 PSIG Manifold Pressure: 10 in. W.C. Burner Port (Orifice) Size: 1.00 MM Drill - 18 Holes Electrical input: 115v, 60 hz, 4a Minimum Voltage: 100v WARNING: IMPROPER USE...

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