Towing Safety Guide

Trailer towing has the dubious distinction of being the number one loss-liability incident in the equipment rental industry. It has occupied that position practically since the first equipment rental dealers rented the first trailer. Although some equipment rental...

Trailer Hitch Ball

WARNING! Towing equipment may cause damage to the customer vehicle. The rental center is not held responsible for any damages caused by towing. WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED the manufacturer’s rated capacity of the hitch, ball, vehicle or trailer. WARNING! Failure to...

Stump Grinder Towing & Safety Guide

DO NOT exceed 45 mph.   PREPARATION Thoroughly inspect and clear the work area of objects that might be picked up and thrown. Remove all stones, sticks, wires, and other foreign objects. Beware of the location of pipes above or below ground (electrical, gas,...

Stump Grinder Operation

SETTING UP AND STARTING GRINDER: Adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height and pin. Lock the brake, push down on the handlebar so that the cutter wheel is off the ground. Put on the choke, be sure the ON-OFF (push-pull) switch is in the “ON” position...

Scaffold & Ladder Safety

For Frame Scaffolds, System Scaffolds, Tube and Clamp Scaffolds and Rolling Scaffolds   DEVELOPED FOR THE INDUSTRY BY SCAFFOLD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, INC. (SIA) and THE SCAFFOLD, SHORING & FORMING INSTITUTE (SSFI) It shall be the responsibility of all users to...

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