WARNING! Towing equipment may cause damage to the customer vehicle. The rental center is not held responsible for any damages caused by towing.

WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED the manufacturer’s rated capacity of the hitch, ball, vehicle or trailer.

WARNING! Failure to follow instructions exactly can cause ball failure or loss of attachment resulting in a vehicle crash and/or personal injury.

WARNING! Hitch must be rated for load and trailer weight.

CONSUMERS: Follow instructions and save this sheet for reference.

  1. Use this hitch ball only for towing trailers or vehicles connected to the ball with a socket-type coupler.
  2. Ball diameter must match coupler socket size.
  3. DO NOT exceed gross trailer weight shown on the ball, or any other part of the towing system, if lower.
  4. Attach to the platform at least 3/8-inch thick. The mounting hole must not exceed the ball threaded shank diameter by more than 1/16-inch.
  5. Always use a lock washer. Position next to the nut.
  6. Tighten the nut with a torque wrench to 250 lb.-ft. Improper tightening can cause ball failure or loss of attachment.
  7. Threaded shank must protrude beyond the bottom of the nut when tightened. If it does not, ball shank is too short for the application and loss of attachment may occur.
  8. Check nut tightness every time you hook up the trailer and at the beginning of each towing day. Tow only if the nut is tightened as specified.
  9. Replace any damaged or worn part (except finish).
  10. Never attach a tow rope, chain, cable, or stretch type elastic rope to hitch ball.
  11. DO NOT fasten trailer safety chain or any other type of attachment to, or with, the ball.
  12. Lubricate ball and coupler to minimize wear and friction. The coupler must not bind on ball.

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