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Stump Grinder Towing

DO NOT exceed 45 mph.


  • Thoroughly inspect and clear work area of objects that might be picked up and thrown. Remove all stones, sticks, wires, and other foreign objects.
  • Beware of the location of pipes above or below ground (electrical, gas, water, sprinklers, etc.).
  • Wear eye protection. Wear sturdy footwear. DO NOT wear loose clothing.
  • Check fuel supply before starting engine. DO NOT fill gasoline tank when engine is running, or while engine is still hot. Allow engine to cool several minutes before removing fuel cap.

  • Keep clear of discharge area at all times. DO NOT put hands or feet near rotating parts.
  • Never attempt to make any adjustments to unit while engine is running.
  • If equipment vibrates abnormally stop engine at once.

  • Lock travel wheel by pulling brake lever fully toward you.
  1. Cold engine:
    • Place throttle control midway between the "slow" and the "fast" positions.
    • Pull the choke control out.

    Warm engine (normal operating temperatures):
    • Place the throttle control midway between the "slow and "fast" positions.
    • Push the choke control in.

  2. Cold engine:
    • Gradually return the choke control to the "in" position after the engine starts and warms up.

WARNING: The stump grinder is a direct-drive unit and therefore the cutter wheel will rotate as soon as the engine starts. It is very important to hold the wheel above the ground. Should you leave the operator position, the engine will automatically shut off when you release the operator's presence control.

WARNING: Always stand behind the control handle; never leave this position while cutter is running.
  1. Push cutter to the front edge of the stump.
  2. Raise the cutting wheel off the ground 4" to 5" by pushing downward on control handle. Hold in position.
  3. Start the engine. You must depress and hold the operator's presence control.
  4. While allowing the front cutter wheel to come into contact with stump, move the control handle back and forth (left & right) cutting 1" to 2" of wood each pass.
  5. As the stump is ground away, release brake (raise lever) and push cutter farther into stump, re-lock brake and continue grinding.
  6. When finished, shut off engine, allow cutter wheel to stop, lock brake, park cutter.

  • When you want to cut smaller roots, it is more effective to do so before, rather than after, cutting stump.
  • Chips are contained and directed by the deflector between the wheels and out the back. Should there be excessive chip build-up, shut off cutter, move out of position and rake away chip build-up.
  • On larger stumps, if you continue to cut from one location, eventually a wheel may want to roll into the hole. Before this happens, move to a different side of the stump to continue removal of stump and fill the hole with chips.
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