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Cut-Off Saw Starting Tips

Cold Engine Starting Procedure

  1. Toggle the ignition switch to the "ON" position and pull the choke lever out.
  2. Lock the throttle in the start position by depressing the trigger (A) and trigger interlock (B) at the same time.
  3. Depress and hold throttle lock button (C) while releasing the trigger and trigger interlock in succession.
  4. Press decompression valve (D).
  5. Open the water valve 1/4 turn.
  6. Place the 613GC Cut-Off Saw on the ground making sure the chain is free of any obstructions.
  7. Place right foot on the base of the rear handle.
  8. Place left hand on front handle.
  9. With right hand, slowly pull starter handle until the starter pawls engage.
  10. Pull the starter cord (hard, fast, short pulls) until engine fires or "pops" - should be 1 to 7 pulls.
  11. Push the choke lever in.
  12. Check decompression valve. Press if necessary.
  13. Pull the starter cord until engine starts - should be 1 to 2 pulls.
  14. When the engine starts, allow the engine to idle. Pull on the throttle trigger several times to help warm up the engine.
  15. Open the water valve completely.

Warm Engine Starting Procedure

  1. Use the same procedure as starting cold engine, but DO NOT pull choke lever out. If choke is used, the carburetor will flood with gas.
  2. If the engine does not start in 3 hard, fast pulls with the throttle locked, unlock the throttle and pull the starter cord 3 more times.
Note: To hold the trigger fully open it may be necessary to insert right foot into rear handle opening and twist.
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